Q: Where is the Institute located?

A: The Institute for the Humanites building is located at 118 Presidents Circle. However, the office is located in Allen Hall room 226. 


Q: What kind of events does the Institute for the Humanities host?

A: The Institute for the Humanities plans events that pertains to all facets of the humanities. This includes history, arts, culture, and literature. 


Q: Are events free and open to non-students and faculty?

A: Yes, The Institute for the Humanites strives to make research and education available to students, the local community, as well as the public at large. 


Q: Does the Institute partner with other organizations?

A: Absolutely! The Institute for the Humanites often partners with other academic groups for events. This cooperation is the key to successful programs.


Q: Why support the humanities?

A: The Institute firmly believes that a meaningful understanding of the humanities is vital to a well-rounded education. Because of this, the Institute is consistantly looking for creative and interesting ways to expose students and general audiences to all forms of academic disciplines related to the humanities.