Interdisciplinary Forum

Mar 1

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Faculty members share their works in progress and look for feedback from their colleagues at State

Standard Swahili: Expressions of Belonging and Exclusion in Eastern Africa
Morgan Robinson

Morgan is sharing an excerpt from her book on the creation and development of Standard Swahili, exploring the early-20th century moment when the language seemingly became an instrument of British colonizers.  Throughout, she employs the concept of ‘linguistic ecosystem’ to describe tensions between standardization and vernacularization in language.


Globally Applicable, Economically Feasible, Socially Just?  Are Making, Doing, Learning Studios a Modern Truth and Justice Option?
Dr. D. Kay Brocato, John W. Brocato

Kay and John will share two programs that have led to increased school engagement, better academic performance, and a more positive outlook among students in high-risk environments:  The Planning for the Diversity of Learners class and Technical Writing class. Both classes use authentic learning experiences using the philosophy and pedagogy of Studio learning and Problem-Based learning.  Kay and John propose further research on these teaching techniques, especially in the context of scholar privatization and data collection that threaten authentic science and learning. 

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