Interdisciplinary Forum Call For Papers

This year’s theme, Mississippi Matters, seeks to highlight research in any discipline that
researches, impacts, or is inspired by Mississippi’s people, land, creatures, history, or arts.
What: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Works in Progress

Share what you’re working on in a collegial and friendly atmosphere
Refine projects and test out grant proposals
All Disciplines Welcome: Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences

Who: Any Mississippi State Faculty at any stage of a research project may present

Anyone is welcome to attend and participate
Outcomes: Practice and get feedback on research or presentations
Build interdisciplinary collaborations with other MSU faculty
Receive scholarly feedback
Test effectiveness and refine the narrative / justification part of grant proposals
Practice communicating your research to an interdisciplinary audience
Learn what others are researching at State

Paper proposals should be sent to: by September 9, 2019. Proposals
(400 words maximum) should explain the subject of the work to be presented. An interdisciplinary
board of five people—see below—will review the proposals and select papers for presentation.
Presentations will occur throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. Presenters will have the option of
submitting a representative sample of their work—a draft of a grant proposal, book chapter, article
or report—a week before their presentation date, so that they can be uploaded and available to all
Mississippi State faculty on the Interdisciplinary “portal” for easy sharing.
Meet the Board: Dr. Alix Hui (Historian of Science; science of listening), Dr. Diego Thompson
(Rural and Environmental Sociologist), Dr. Angelle Tanner (Astronomer; extrasolar planets); Dr.
Sally Gray (Associate Professor of German Literature; 18 th -century scientific theory), Dr. Julia
Osman (Associate Professor of Military History; Director, Institute for the Humanities).

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