Science and Humanities Panel

Oct 4

4:00 pm

Location: Fowlkes Auditorium (3rd Floor of Colvard Student Union)

A humanist, a scientist, and an artist debate ways of approaching the environment based on their intellectual and academic backgrounds.  Each speaker will give a brief presentation, and then let the debate begin!  The debate promises to be lively and the audience will be welcome to participate!  This is part of a new series in the Institute for the Humanities that provides a platform for Science, Humanities, and Art to dialog.  The speakers and their topics are as follows:

Dr. Sally Hatch Gray, “On the Organism and Freedom: Revisiting Goethe’s Problem with Objectification in Natural Science”

Dr. Toby Gray, “Emerging Perspectives on the Integration of Science and Art”

Gregory Martin, “Harmony and Dissonance, Balancing Ideals with Fulfilling Needs in the Anthropocene”

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