Humanity is everywhere, and therefore, the humanities are everywhere.

At the Institute for the Humanities, we strive to make the humanities available and accessible to everyone and engage with people of all walks of life through the humanistic disciplines. To that end, we facilitate scholarly conversations; support the study of the humanities, and by extension the sciences; host events and conversations encompassing various fields within the humanities; and provide opportunities within the community for the humanities to uplift, inspire, and amplify the human experience. The Institute for Humanities is interested and active in all realms of society and scholarship, because Humanity is Everywhere.

More About the Humanities

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Are the Humanities?

At the Institute for the Humanities, we define the Humanities broadly.

While the Humanities have traditionally encompassed subjects that define us as humans and our human conditions such as music, literature, philosophy, art, poetry, anthropology and history; we see the humanities including the social sciences and hard sciences, as well as the fields of medicine, wellness, and education, as all of these disciplines are considered from our very "human" lens. Pursuit of any of these fields require other principals of the humanities, such as engagement, community, and communication. Despite the best efforts of strict categorization, one cannot isolate the humanities from any area where human beings pursue knowledge and the betterment of humankind.

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IH Osman

Dr. Julia Osman




Julia Osman is an associate professor of history at Mississippi State University and specializes on the early modern French army. She loves all forms of the humanities, from poetry, to music, and any good conversation. But she especially enjoys using the humanities to understand current issues and see the world through different perspectives.

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Hugh Manatee is not your average manatee. While he does enjoy consuming sea grass, he also enjoys consuming the humanities and all that they offer. From listening to music, to attending lectures and special events on art, literature, and history, Hugh Manatee endeavors to swim deeply in the profound ocean of the human experience. He uses social media to celebrate his humanistic adventures, from exploring Shakespeare to catching up on his favorite trashy television show. You will see him around town and at all of our events, because Hugh Manatee is EVERYWHERE. Use these hashtags to engage with Hugh.

Hugh Manatee would be amiss if he didn't mention the plight of his kind. Manatee populations are in jeopardy, and Hugh needs your help! For more information about the struggles of wild manatees, please click here: https://oceantoday.noaa.gov/endoceanmanatees/

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To donate in support of the Institute for the Humanities and its programs:

Please make your check payable to the Humanities Advancement Fund and write “Humanities Institute” in the memo line. Please mail your tax-deductible contributions to:

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