Humanity is everywhere.  At the Institute for the Humanities, we strive to make the humanities available and accessible to everyone and engage with people of all walks of life through the humanistic disciplines.  To that end, we facilitate scholarly conversations; support the study of the humanities, and by extension the sciences; host events and conversations encompassing various fields within the humanities; and provide opportunities within the community for the humanities to uplift, inspire, and educate.  No matter where we are or where we come from, we rely on the humanities for everything from entertainment to finding life’s purpose.  You will find our Institute active in all realms of society and scholarship, because Humanity is Everywhere.

More About the Humanities

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Dr. Julia Osman

Dr. Julia Osman




Julia Osman is an associate professor of history at Mississippi State University and specializes on the early modern French army.  She loves playing in nearly all forms of the humanities, from reading and writing poetry, to delving into a good novel, to contemplating fine art, to watching goofy British TV, to singing opera very badly when she thinks no one can hear her.  Her favorite part of the Institute for the Humanities is communing with people through our shared humanistic endeavors.

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John R. Burrow

Graduate Assistant


John Burrow is a Ph.D. Candidate of history at Mississippi State University and specializes in 18th and 19th Century British economic and taxation history. He enjoys nearly all forms of the humanities, especially writing, reading, researching, and photography. He especially enjoys photographing landscapes, forests, travels, and urban scenes. However, he also gets the privilege to photograph Hugh Manatee, the Institute for the Humanities’ official mascot, as he interacts and explores the humanities and all they offer. John’s favorite part of the humanities is how they connect in various, interesting, and profound ways with everyday life.”

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Hugh Manatee is not your average manatee.  While he does enjoy consuming sea grass, he also enjoys consuming the humanities and all that they offer.  From listening to music, to attending lectures and special events on art, literature, and history, Hugh Manatee endeavors to swim deeply in the profound ocean of the human experience.  He uses social media to celebrate his humanistic adventures, from exploring Shakespeare to catching up on his favorite trashy television show.  You will see him around town and at all of our events, because Hugh Manatee is EVERYWHERE. Use these hashtags to engage with Hugh.

#hughmanateeiseverywhere #humanityiseverywhere #seeHughthere

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To donate in support of the Institute for the Humanities and its programs:

Please make your check payable to the Humanities Advancement Fund and write “Humanities Institute” in the memo line. Please mail your tax-deductible contributions to:

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